Five more days…

… then we are going to Glasgow! I am really looking forward to the conference – it is always great to hear about what is going on in the field of ELT and to meet colleagues from all over the world. Sharing this with a group of students this year will be very speciAberdeen Conference 2al and a lot of fun!

This ‘historic’ photograph was taken at the IATEFL conference in Aberdeen in 2007, where I gave me first ever presentation at an international conference. I think you might recognize some of the people who were there with me that year!


4 thoughts on “Five more days…

  1. Hello all!
    I am very delighted to be one of the lucky 24 students, who get this golden opportunity to meet so many brilliant minds from all over the world!
    Also am I curious how the blog is going to look like by the end of the excursion. 🙂
    best regards,


    1. Hi Stefan, you and me both! I can’t wait to see how the blog develops, but I’m sure it’ll be great!


    1. Thanks, Thomas, I’m sure I will! It’s always great to return to Scotland, and Glasgow is brilliant.


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