Probably you are wondering what this mysterious word in the title means. Well, selcouth is an adjective that comes from Middle English and stands for the strange, uncommon or foreign, but yet marvelous, thus, the way we perceive things when we are traveling. I personally love this feeling. It significates that one has the opportunity to discover something new, be it a foreign land, culture or unknown people. In our case it is one city with additional 2,500 ELT professionals from over 100 different countries during the week of the IATEFL conference.

From the IATEFL conference I expect that we get a variety of new ideas about the exciting new developments in the field of teaching, including methods, techniques and materials. I’m really happy to be given the opportunity to be part of the international group of visitors and I hope to get to know many new interesting people from different cultural backgrounds. As I have never been to the north of Europe, I’m really looking forward to Glasgow. During the following week I will keep you posted. Enjoy! 😉


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