Happy 51st Birthday, IATEFL


Teacher-Centered Professional Development



The first day of the 51st IATEFL conference is over, with more than 2.500 speakers at this conference compared to 125 at the first conference half a century ago.

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli from Uruguay talked about empowering teachers through continued professional development, if anyone is looking for further information about this, you might be interested in his book. Teacher-Centered Professional Development (2014).

After the plenary session, it quickly got impossible to go every talk, workshop or forum you want to see, but one very interesting workshop was “Portraying yourself online” by Sophia Mavridi, whom you can find at http://sophiamavridi.com/, the slides from today’s presentation are available there too. You might learn a lot about digital footprints you leave that can’t be erased; and how you can avoid putting your foot into your mouth via your online presence.

Another interesting session was a forum about online teaching by Joseline Cataños, Karin Heuert Galvão, Neenaz Ichaporia and Beth Caldwell. The main topics were the required skills for online teaching, i.e. technical and interpersonal skills, and especially time management.

The fourth session I went to was a talk by someone I’m quite sure everyone who’s reading this knows: Michael Swan. He is releasing a new edition of Practical English Usage as language is changing, he even included a chapter about discriminatory and offensive language. The most innovative part though is that there’s now an online version, you have the choice between an online subscription (1 year), a printed copy and a printed + digital copy.

All copies can be found on http://www.practicalenglishusage.com.




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