Food brings people together…

After enjoying a few meals together, Lisa and I want to share our experiences about one of the most important parts of culture: FOOD. Imagine you are starving after a long day at the conference and you have never been to a Scottish pub before. Here comes a guide how to do it.

  • DO order your food and drinks at the bar and pay immediately
  • DON’T wait for the staff to take your order

fish and chips

(Fish and Chips)


  • DO try something traditional Scottish
  • DON’T stick with your usuals




  • DO pay 2.65 £ for a pint in Scotland
  • DON’T pay 4.90 € for a pint in Austria




  • DO go into the most expensive looking pub, it might be the cheapest (The Crystal Palace)
  • DON’T go into the smallest and darkest pub to save money


(Sweet Potato Curry)


  • DON’T judge a book by its cover (bread meats bread)
  • DO order a vegan burger at a meat-loving restaurant

vegan burger

(pulled mushroom burger)


Even being vegan is no big deal in Glasgow, the vegan friendliest city in Scotland, I (Lisa) could find vegan options in every place we visited and there are even completely vegan pubs like the Flying Duck near the city centre. If you don’t want to miss out on haggis they serve vegan fried haggis bites there. Therefore you get the full Scottish experience.




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