How I met my publisher…

You’re probably wondering about the title. Funny story, actually… I was wandering past the stands at the Exhibition when I happened to stumble upon two men. One a nice Scottish man with a lovely accent and another one. The other is now my publisher. Do you want to have a publisher, too? Maybe even for your students? Well, then keep on reading!

Dr. Mel Rosenberg is the founder of Ourboox, an online platforms with over 21.000 free e-books. He currently lives and works as a lecturer, author, musician, and scientist in Israel, but is originally from Canada. After taking a picture of him and his friend he was so nice as to show me his successful project and how to use it correctly. Not only can you create your own book following simple instructions, but you can also include pictures, Youtube videos, puzzles, maps, and much more. Ourboox can even be used in 25 languages such as Russian, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew which is great for all kinds of teachers.  He even let me in on a little secret that he will present tomorrow at 17.30 at this workshop “How to create amazing interactive e-books with your students”. I’m not going to spoil anything, so if anyone would like to join me tomorrow – you’re very welcome to do so! 🙂

I think this platform is a great opportunity for everyone who would like to switch up their writing tasks and try something new. It is really simple to handle and you can find further instructions online ( Check it out and see for yourself! I definitely am sold.


2 thoughts on “How I met my publisher…

  1. Just for your information… Marcella even assisted her publisher today in his creation of a new book! She did a wonderful job as an assistant and during the workshop we even created our own itsyboox! Check Rosenberg’s boox for further information 😊

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