Living up to your expectations?!

Today I took quite a while just sitting on the ground in the area of the exhibition. I did this for one good reason: To watch the people passing by.

Watching English teachers from all over the globe is more interesting than one would think. How they walk, talk and behave when confronted with a spontaneous question… and the prediction of our professors is true: you can immediately tell if someone strolling by is indeed an English teacher!

Maybe you just take a moment to watch the person passing you next time. I assure you that you are going to see some kind of implicit characterization! (For those who can remember Literary studies II) 😝.

Most blog posts are about which talks we attended. I do not want to forget the wonderful talks by our teachers Sarah and Ulla! They both did greatly!! As I am sure that someone will comment on their outstanding performances, I will not go into further detail. Of course, not forgetting how proud we are to be educated by them!!!!!

Interestingly enough, people seemed to recognize us immediately as students of the University of Graz. I imagine them thinking something like: “Hm they appear very young to me..” “They don’t look like locals..” “They MUST be students of Graz” !!

I cannot stress this enough: People continuously pointed out how lucky and proud we can be to be educated and “raised” by them. And I believe that this is true! I have met so many brilliant people so far, but our teachers were among the most proficient, experienced and eloquent of them.

Moving on..

Something I want to shine the light on in this post is the awareness that we do not only get to know other people, but we get in touch with our fellow-students as well, making new friends along the way is the funniest part of this whole undertaking, am I right?

After we heard so many good, and sometimes decent talks, we went out a little shopping..

We found a shopping centre and YES they had a Disney shop !!! 😲



At the second picture I see four princesses, but can’t spot the fake one 😝.

 Is is also about the little things.. You won’t believe me, but at one point there was sun in the streets of Glasgow:


 Shadow on the one side means there has to be sun on the other :).

Enjoy every minute of being in Glasgow, whether it’s at the conference or miles away.. let us not forget that!


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