Days 1, 2 & 3- truly inspiring

Day 2 was an amazing experience. Our professor, Sarah Mercer, gave her wonderful and inspiring plenary speech. On day 3 we would see that her ideas were carried on by other speakers as well, such as Kieran Donaghy, who was talking about empathy in the classroom. One session that aprticularly caught my attention was a talk by Maria Diakou about the importance and usefulness of sotrytelling in the classroom. She explained how to create personal sotrybooks online in a very detailed manner, yet stressed the importance of bringing authentic material to the classroom, i.e. hard copies.

Another speaker that I can highly recommend is Adrian Underhill. His 30-minute talk passed too quickly, unfortunately. It was an incredibly well-prepared and entertaining talk in which he focused on how to draw students attention to their own pronunciation. He stressed that it was important to let students feel where sounds are produced in the mouth.

Finally, I would like to mention a talk by Sharon Hartle, a professor teaching in Verona, who talked about corpus use and exam preparation of B2 students in Verona. She presented two different corpora that can effectively be used in English classes, in order to provide students with a tool they can easily use to improve their writing. It was a gripping talk and it was really worth going there, since her ideas and her way of teaching and using materials truly appealed to me.



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