Exploring Glasgow…

Hey there, 

So the last few days were filled with lots of amazing experiences. We had some great days at the IATEFL conference so far and also had time to explore the beautiful city of Glasgow.

On wednesday we left the conference in the afternoon and walked to Buchanan Street, where we had some fabulous lunch. Afterwards we started off to the city hall, where we took some beautiful selfies – tourist-style 😉 so we’re quite some selfie queens, don’t you think so?

Then we marched off to the Glasgow Cathedral, which is a gothic church in the east of Glasgow’s inner city. I was very impressed by its look from the outside, but unfortunately it closes at 5pm every day so we weren’t able to visit the church from the inside. The creepy thing about this church was that its garden consistes of graves. So we had to walk on hundreds of years old graves to explore the surrounding of Glasgow Cathedral. But still – stunning!!

Near the cathedral is also one part of Glasgow’s university. One building of the University of Strathclyde actually looks like a church from the outside! We were a bit confused at first which building was the cathedral because we couldn’t find a signpost.

Then we strolled around in the quarter, finding a pub full of grandma’s and grandpa’s partying – we had a good laugh and it was just amazing watching these people. The Scots still have loads of fun even if they’re old 😛

We actually had no clue where we were going afterwards, just looking for the river to find back to the hostel, when we suddenly stumbled over St. Andrew’s square and its beautiful little church. Then we strolled back on the river bank to our hotel when the sun started to go down – definitely worth maaaaany pictures, it was soooo romantic haha

Aaaand today we did lots of sightseeing again. After the conference we drove off (yes, we drove with a taxi, because Christina has a broken foot – lucky us – no walking :P) to Glasgow University and what we found there was just amazing! HOGWARTS! I swear it feels like you’re in one of the Harry Potter films! So again, photo sessioooooon 😉

I was just completely amazed by this old but awesome building and it’s architecture. I think I took about 50 pictures there! We also visited the Huntarian museum, which displays preserved organs, animals and veeeeery old gravestones. Definitely worth a look for everybody, but especially for biology students like me! I was amazed by all these preserved organs (lungs, kidneys, ovaries, bones, …) und also by the animals you could see there. Loads of different butterflies, beetles and stuffed animals – very lovely to look at! 

Unfortunately we only had half an hour in the museum because it closes at 5pm every day. We then strolled around the beautiful Kelvingrove Park, which is probably the tidiest park I have ever seen! A must for people who like strolling around, running or just enjoying nature!
So if you’re ever going to visit Glasgow, you now know where to go!


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