Having a great time!

As I have been very inactive the last two days I wanted to catch up with you and write a post again. After two great days in Glasgow I finally have some impressions I can share with you.

Everyone at the conference  is so nice and I already made friends with a female teacher from Denmark. I saw Jeremy Harmer in person and I bought two new books for my teaching section at home. One of them is about Grammar and how you can teach it and the other one is about videos and their integration into the lesson.

I tried to visit every stand in Hall B but sadly I haven’t found the one with the Cupcakes yet… We’ll see, hopefully I’ll find it until friday 🙂 Interesting for me were the talks with the teachers from several universities about a MsC degree. I’m thinking about doing my Master abroad (Pro: it only takes one year to finish it and I could  live, study etc. In an English speaking country!).

Yesterday we skipped the afternoon sessions to visit the city. First we had lunch at a Pub near the park and then we got to see the University of Glasgow. We had such a great time there – and I must say I’m really jealous, it looks like Hogwarts ❤

After that our group split up and Lukas and me were exploring the city. We found the street were everyone is partying at the weekends and we had the biggest milkshake on earth. It was a peanut butter, nutella, M&M’s, whipped cream, caramel sauce shake – Thinking about it makes me hungry again – delicious!

In the evening we spent some time with Scottish, American and Danish guys in the bar in the hostel. We played UNO and talked a lot. As I already said, we were having a great time…!



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