JJ Wilson……an amazing plenary speaker! 

hey guys,

long time no see….today JJ Wilson, who is currently the writer-in-residence at Western New Mexico University, gave the plenary speech about “ELT and social justice: opportunities in a time of chaos”. From the very first minute it was totally clear that this talk was going to be amazing and Wilson impressively showed how a really professional speech should look like. By including a lot of gestures, humour and his profound use of rhetorical features his talk became easy to follow and especially his very personal stories created a lot of empathy. However, I think that there wasn’t really a lot of content in the talk and he only gave a shallow overview of the topic. With regard to the limited time, this seems reasonable, though.  

Anyways I really wanna share with u one thought I’ve had after this truly mind provoking talk. Essentially, and this goes hand in hand with Sarah’s talk from yesterday, we as teachers have to focus on positives things more often. Whether it is pupils, parents, colleagues or the system itself teachers often focus on the negative sides. As Wilson puts it, ” A good teacher sees beauty where other guys don’t even look. ”

Overall I really like the conference in Glasgow cuz lecturers and scholars offer interdisciplinary talks and hence are enabling students to form their own opinions, broaden their horizon and gather new skills. I am personally able to aquire new ways of thinking and an understanding of others by talking, discussing and solving problems with other students and teachers from different cultures, nations and ethnical groups.

BTW: besides the conference, we are having a blast here in Glasgow and sometimes we are even enjoying one or two pints with some locals :p


– Christoph


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