Skipping the afternoon program

After Sarah Mercer’s fabulous plenary session and talks about writing stories online via diverse websites, teaching with accent and corpuses of the English language, we decided to skip today’s afternoon program and do the typical tourist sightseeing instead. We took the bus to Glasgow Cathedral and visited the only church that survived the Reformation. Interesting fact: the industrial emissions destroyed the colourful windows which were built out of glass from Munich. The windows can now be seen in the lower church. IMG_20170405_144551.jpgNot only because of the windows but also because of the history of this church, the Glasgow Cathedral is worth a visit. (Also because the entrance is free…) We continued our tour with the cemetery nearby – the Necropolis. This is the Greek noun for “city of the death”. It is not really a city but it is a hill and when walking up the path, you can really feel the over 50.000 dead people you are stepping onto. Creepy stuff isn’t it? The cemetery is not only because of its story worth a visit but also because of the wonderful view over the whole city.IMG_20170405_152434.jpg

After a longer walk through Glasgow we arrived at the People’s Palace and the Botanic Garden. There were exhibitions about the people who live(d) in Glasgow during war and peace. The house even showed rooms which are similar to those when they lived. However, we ended up being hungry so we found a Hard Rock Restaurant (not the Hard Rock Cafe by the way) which caught our attention because of the prices. The burgers were fantastic and when we left the restaurant, we realised that there was still some daylight. So we said that we couldn’t go home by daylight. We asked a very friendly Glasgowian for a pub and he recommended the Pot Still which was absolutely fantastic! With over 200 kinds of whiskey we sat down in the cosy bar. But we were not alone… Some minutes later our wonderful teachers Ulla Fürstenberg and Elke Beder with two friends arrived in the pub as well and so we took some fotos, which unfortunately have not yet reached us due to the “bad” internet connections… Anyway, here you can find some of the fotos we took today. So enjoy those!


We found Ulla Fürstenberg’s bar in Glasgow…


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