Brain is the new sexy…

This is the University of Glasgow! A marvellous Building or rather a complex of Buildings on the top of Glasgow. I wished our University would look like it

Look whom I have found there!!!!


Unfortunately, I have to upgrade to premium, if I want to post a Video in here. That is what the System tells me…

I will post the Video of Jeronimo in our WhatsApp Group. Yes I called him Jeronimo :D.

Going around the City this afternoon, we were actually able to catch a bit sun along the way. Paying Attention to all there is to explore surely broadens one’s horizon by a factor of 100!

As we students are now highly regarded among the various English teachers around the world, I believe that nowadays, in the intellectual community, other traits such as the willingness to learn and having an eye for the detail are surely underrated.

I borrowed my title from Sherlock Holmes, who once said this in one of his brilliant episodes. (the BBC ones). I Thing that this is absolutely true for today !

Research has also shown that People, who are perceived as more intelligent (although they might not always be) are also regarded as more attractive and appealing. (I don’t think this belongs to the classic image of a computer nerd, though..) ^^

With this post, I want to raise the awareness that focusing on, for instance, Content of certain talks or Workshops, should not let us stray from the Beauty out there!




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