Conference insights

Everyone asked us students whether we were enjoying the conference. I am of the opinion that everyone of us answered – honestly – with what normally one has to say when someone asks you to marry you: “I do!”. To begin with, I loved the plenary speeches. The best were definitely J. J. Wilson’s and Sarah Mercer’s talks. They were so inspiring and motivating for us as future teachers. Especially Sarah focused also on the strength of the teacher which everyone of us likes – praising oneself. J.J. Wilson’s talk was about social justice. Not only is this topic important in our career where we might have to deal with children from different backhgrounds… He also managed to persuade us. His presentation was so good because of his stories and jokes that I would have believed him everything. Since I am quite a romantic person I was really caught by the fact that he presented a poem which he absolutelly loved… And he told us that he found this text so good that he decided to marry the writer of the poem. How romantic is that? 😍 However, I did not only like the plenaries, I also liked most of the other presentations. I just want to mention the talks about pronunciation. All of the presentors of those speeches were so entertaining and since we in Austria don’t really focus on pronunciation, I found some ways about how we still could integrate this competence as well into our teaching. We learned that it is not so important if you as a teacher speak an accent as long as you are consistent and self-confident in the use.

If I had to find one word that describes the conference, I would pick the word inspiring. I think that especially the plenaries were really motivating and encouraged us as future teachers again and again. I was so reinforced in my decision of becoming a teacher so I don’t think that we will struggle a lot after having seen the motivation and fun at this conference…


The usual behaviour at the conference: some are heading to a talk or workshop, others are returning from a forum and everyone is happy about having the possibility to see this event.



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