Endspurt! #educationislove



Our third day started with an awesome plenary talk by J.J. Wilson, who talked about ELT and social justice. We heard about interesting quotes and important aspects to concern when thinking of a fair educational system. In my opinion, Wilson has incredibly good rethorical skills and managed to fascinate and excite us from the moment he started to talk. He underlines his presentation with some discussions and pictures which made the session really lively. I also liked his points about legends/story telling very much. 

The second talk we attended was about Empathy in Language Teaching. We heard some definitions of it, (for example one from the wonderful Audrey Hepburn), but look yourself:

More or less, we should broaden our mindset and ask empathetic questions, try to see things from different point of views and can also grow empathy through reading books and watching films.

I did not really like the talk about feedback I went to afterwards so I was glad the session about independent vocabulary learning went better.  Aida Sahutoglu carried out a study about autonomous vocab learning and told us her strategies within this.

Afterwards, we visited Glasgow University and the Museum in it and I also went to the Play “Hay Fever” in the Citizens Theatre afterwards. The play was really fun and not too expensive, even though the theme of a bohemian family was quite crazy it was a great way to end the day. 🙂







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