Last day…

After a lot of good talks and even better plenary sessions it is our last day at the IATEFL conference. The day started with a talk about intonation. Jane Setter is a great speaker and told us how important it is to teach intonation. She even provided us with some fun ways to do it:

If you are interested in more songs you can find her on YouTube.

My second session was “Let’s listen to the learners” by Brian Thomas. He talked about giving students more choice. Give them several activities so they can choose one or let them find a text to read in class. His time management was not the best so we could not hear the end of his session. So next time you teach and your time management is a bit off, don’t freak out, it happens to the best… 😉

The best talk of the day was “Motivational teaching” by Nicholas Thorner, not only because he started his session with handing out chocolate to motivate us but also because he had some brilliant tips for us. He talked about how studetns can be motivated and how demotivated students feel.

He also mentioned that simple tricks like a good task sheet can help them. If you have a easy starter exercise they can finish easily it will help them gather motivatin for the more involving exercises. Also include some rewards if they hand in homework several times in a row.

And for teachers it can help to make your lesson plans look more fun. The one he showed us is also avaliable online, if you can’t read it on the picture.

Nicholas Thorner has also written a book if you are interested in more tips. Motivational Teaching.

My last workshop of the day was about TED talks. If you want to read more about that you have to read Christina’s post. 


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