Travelling through Space and Time

If anyone is wondering how life would have been as a teacher years ago, the Scotland Street School Museum is just the right for you!

Yesterday, Verena and I decided to check it out and we were both gripped and delighted by that highly interesting museum. The building used to be a school during the 20th century and was designed by Charles Mackintosh. After its closure in 1979, it was restructured as museum, where school classes from different periods of time can be seen.

Typically designed classes from Victorian age, the 50s and the time of the Second World War are exhibited in that former school. In particular, the class of the Second World War caught our attention since I did not know how the war really affected schools and teachers. I must confess that it was a little bit oppressive to read through all the stories, told by former students who visited that school during the Second World War. Also the fact that the students had to wear gasmasks in boxes around their neck was pretty scary… Still, it gave a great insight into the historical background of British schools.


By the way, the classrooms can also be rented for some hours by schools. So, if you have time and money left at the end of a school year, you can go there with your class and react a typical school day in former times.

17820415_1646183845392595_1340222495_o (1)

Funny fact at the end: Boys and girls were not allowed to visit the same classes. They even had to play on different playgrounds during the breaks. They even had separate entries for school!!!!!!! (on the picture above we can see the entry for BOYS) Weeeeeeiiiird Past!!!!! 😛

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-07 at 00.15.00




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