Awesome Glasgow :-D


I have to say that Glasgow is really one of the best cities I’ve ever been to! The first good thing was that the weather was not as bad as we thought J. The city is really beautiful due to its mixture of old and new buildings. We visited many interesting sights: The Lighthouse, the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis, the University of Glasgow and its museums and chapels, the Mackintosh house and museum and the People’s Palace. IT WAS AMAZING!


In order to go from one museum to the other we drove with the tourist bus and enjoyed the fresh (but windy!) air of Glasgow. What I really like about the city is that the people there are ALL so friendly and helpful; for example, one man told us the way without us even asking, or another offered to take a picture for us and even gave me his wallet (I should hold it while he took the picture). We lived in an AirBnB apartment and our host Alistair was also super-friendly and we had a lot of fun when we met him! I think we have found the best place to gout in Glasgow, namely the Pub “Pot Still”.


It is a nice little pub in Hope Street and it offers so many different kinds of whiskey and beer. People meet there and enjoy a drink together. For us it represents the real Scottish culture. Talking about culture I won’t forget to mention the Kilts. They may look a little bit weird for us, but they are really cool!

All in all, Glasgow was an amazing experience, academically as well as culturally, and I am happy to have been a part of this IATEFL journey.




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