How to survive your first…

…time in Scotland.
If you are planning to travel to Scotland one day (which I would highly recommend), here’s my top-10-list of advice for you:

1) Trainee trainers
If you want to get through the day without blisters and hurting feet, wear comfortable shoes. Trainers (of all colours ;-)) are higly recommended. If you want to be on the supersafe-side, choose waterproof ones, because…

2) It’s all about the rain
Even though we were really lucky with the weather, we realized that taking an umbrella with you is never a really bad idea in Scotland. Glaswegians treat theirs with special care:

3) Lost in directions?
Admittedly, driving on the left can be quite irritating for Austrians (especially in roundabouts), even for pedestrians. Therefore, there is one important rule you should stick to:
Think before
Luckily, Glasgow tries its best to help you:

4) Hot & Cold
Be prepared to get burnt and blast-freezed at the same time while brushing your teeth, because the hot and the cold water tap are separated. My tip: Turn on both at lower power and mix water of both temperatures together in your hands.

Water tap.jpg
5) Power breakfast
If possible, start your day with a rich (British) breakfast. It will provide you with the energy you need for exploring the city/country.


6) Roasty toasty
In case your hotel has such an amusing, rotating toaster as ours, test it!


But beware: Don’t send your toast through a second time, unless you like it black.

7) Smoker’s guide
If you’re a smoker, keep in mind that smoking is only permitted in (sometimes creatively) acknowledged areas.


8) Wee & big
You may want to familiarize yourself with some Scottish vocabulary in advance so that you know what you’ll get if you order a “wee latte” at the coffee shop.

9) Seriously fresh
My personal trick for refreshing tired feet (with (not so hidden) product placement) after a long day of walking.

Diana Sportgel

10) Charm & Advice
Last, but not least, my secret tip: If there is any chance to do so, take these two lovely ladies with you on your trip – they are simply amazing!


Thank you very much for this great trip to Glasgow!


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