Our résumé

Sitting on the airport and waiting for the next flight to be announced, Marisa and I reflect on the past few days in Glasgow. We have seen many new people and experienced a bunch of new methods. Before the trip we did not know what to expect (we couldn’t even answer the question on the first day in the interview about IATEFL) and now we know how precious this experience was for us. We have learnt so many new things, we are full of ideas and now even more excited about becoming a teacher. All the speakers seemed to have so much experience and knowledge about their fields and it is awesome to listen to them. They made us reflect more deeply on teaching English as a foreign language because they were so enthusiastic and all the other teachers around us from so many different nations encouraged us to discuss new things. We talked to many British teachers but also to Russian, Italian and Brazilian teachers. It is so inspiring to hear all these people and their stories from their own countries. What really stroke us is that the teaching methods in those countries basically work the same even though they happen to be in different institutions and environmental surroundings. We could definitely recommend IATEFL as an annual “Freies Wahlfach” because it is crucial to gain such an experience in order to raise awareness that there are so many different approaches to teaching. Not just those that we are taught. We hope that everybody enjoyed the conference like we did and we would be grateful to join another one within the next years.

Marisa & Sophie



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