Walking around in Glasgow…


On Friday, April 7, I visited some of Glasgow’s most important sights. The first one was Glasgow University. It is a wonderful, ancient building and it seems like a castle from the outside. Apart from the different departments that are located inside, there is also a free Museum called “The Hunterian”. It is the oldest public museum, founded in 1807. The exhibition includes scientific instruments, Roman artefacts and an anatomic teaching collection. I was really surprised that the entrance at the museum was free – which, by the way,  is a very common thing here in Glasgow.


After having visited Glasgow University, I went on to explore the Kelvingrove Museum. It is an extraordinary building with two floors inside. You can find many different topics united under one roof: animals, paintings, furniture… After two hours I had to leave the building because they were closing – otherwise I would probably have stayed there even longer.

A bit later, in the evening, I met with two friends of mine and my girlfriend to have dinner in the city centre. We went to a place called “Mozza” and tried a pizza there. We were more than happy to have chosen that particular place. The food was delicious and the staff was extremely nice.


We had a great time there and reflected on the past days. Glasgow is a gorgeous place and I am really happy to have taken the opportunity to come here and to take a walk through the city, visiting the most important places and buildings. Time is nearly over and I will return to Austria tomorrow evening – I am looking forward to seeing you again GLASGOW.



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