Sharing is Caring.

After returning home from Glasgow and going over my notes another time, I stumbled over some websites and ideas I wanted to share with you as I found them quite useful for future English lessons, whether you just start out as a teacher or whether you’ve been in the business for quite some time already. 🙂

M-Reader is a website that caters to the purpose of Extensive Reading. After registering on this website, the students can answer quizzes related to Graded Readers they have recently read. A certain word limit can be set, which the students have to achieve. Should they pass the quiz they took, they further get a badge (the book cover appears on the front page of M-Reader), indicating their success.
I personally thought this idea was brilliant, as it gives you a quick overview of who has done their reading and who met a particular goal that you have set your students concerning the quantity of reading.
One thing that has to be considered, however, is the possibility of cheating if the quiz is completed at home. You would have to come up with ideas on how to go against this. The speaker had the idea of offering the students three dates in a week to complete their quizzes during class so no cheating could ensue. However, the classroom situation and number of English classes differed severely to the Austrian system, so maybe you would have to think of other ideas.

Lingro is a website to translate websites into different languages. You simply enter the URL of another website such as BBC and you get the actual interface but with a twist – whenever you click on a word, you get a translation and definition of the word you just clicked on.
The speaker in this particular workshop highlighted that it would be best if there were monolingual translations only, meaning you just get definitions of the vocabulary you were curious about.

Visual Dictionary Online
Visual Dictionary Online might be especially interesting if you teach (or will teach) English in specific contexts, mainly technical ones. You can enter a word into the search bar and get a picture of said object with a full explanation of all parts needed for the object. Let’s say we need to know all parts of a dishwasher. You just enter “dishwasher” into the search bar and are presented with a detailed draft on all the important parts in a dishwasher.
This dictionary also offers the categories of animals, the human body, earth, astronomy, plants and gardening, food and kitchen and a lot other pictures. It is definitely worth looking at!

Vocabulary Games
This website offers a vast amount of vocabulary games in English – you just have to look around and maybe something is just what you’ve been looking for in terms of vocabulary games!

Teaching Well-Being to Students
This is a talk I attended during the conference that I found very useful. The speaker’s ideas were very nice and easily incorporable into your lesson plans. With a few quick ideas and tricks, your students’ well-being might just rise, allowing greater learning successes to take place.

Feedback Ideas
This last link brings you to a folder on 8 different feedback ideas you could also incorporate into your English teaching. These feedback ideas cater to different needs of your students (e.g. dyslexic students, students who are colour-blind…) so you would have to check all of them out to see if any worked well for your particular class, but all in all I found these ideas quite useful for my future teaching.

I hope I could help you at least a bit with the links provided (or I will help you in the future sometime) as well as my short explanations of all websites. As always – having more possibilities and more material is always good. 🙂


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