Day 3 and it’s still amazing

It’already day 3 and the conference has not even slightly lost any of its charm for me. Today, for instance, the plenary talk about social justice was especially interesting as I honestly never really thought about that topic at all.

The first talk I wanted to visit about empathy was unfortunately already full so I just went to the next room. Well, I had absolutely no idea what kinda session this would be. I discovered that the session was about customising feedback for different learning styles which was surprisingly good. The key idea was that combining modalities leads to a higher possibility to suceed in teaching certain topics.

The follow up session ,which was about feedback as well, was also very interesting. Next I visited the session ” teaching our students to be global explorers” where I learned that people get payed to dress as pandas and test them on their survival skills in a panda bootcamp.

After that we kinda decided to visit the University and I by the love of god I swear that they could have filmed all the harry potter movies in there. The moment you walk in there the hogwards theme gets stuck in your head it’s great!20170406_185035

After that we visited a big cemetry on a hill which had impressive statues and a marvelous view on the city