This week has been so great! We learned so many new things and met inspiring teachers from all over the world 🙂

Sadly this excursion is coming to an end, but before we leave the country i want to share some pictures of the last nights in Glasgow 🙂

After collecting so many booklets and freebies packing our suitcases was a challenge 😉


Few seconds left…

Today has been a blast: firstly because we finally got to see our Profs performing in front of a huge audience, secondly because of the great book faire and thirdly because I could visit Edinburgh again 🙂

As most of you attended Sarah Mercer’s talk, i won’t go into it in much detail. It was far more engaging than the plenary session before, and I heared so many people talking about it afterwards (only saying good things of course).

Then I wanted to go to another talk with Hannah, but we got lost in this big maze and ended up somewhere in the hotel. As you can guess, the room was already packed and so we went to a talk about teaching refugees. It was nice, but the speaker was almost crying most of the time… i mean it was quite emotional when she read poems of syrian kids to us,who use the english language to escape into an imagined world of Charles Dicken’s time.

Another personal highlight is eating a cheese and onion pasty – i can eat hundreds of them!

Mrs. Fürstenberg’s talk was next on our list, and it was great! We already acquired a reputation of being those students from Graz, running around with thousands of bags filled with freebies and a smile on our faces, running rounds and rounds in this maze called IATEFL ( and always in desperate search for free cupcakes)

After spending some time ( a looong looong time) on the book fair we went to (ok we ran to) the station – and missed the train… so we walked to the other station and managed to arrive in Edinburgh 🙂

There we went shopping, up to the Calton hill, strolling through those nice streets with cobblestones, and finally going into a pub for a screeham. (If you went to the vocab workshop yesterday you know it means whisky)

How did this fantastic day end?

Well,  how could it be different… of course we nearly missed the train again as a street was closed and we lost orientation. We just had 14 seconds to run to the platform ( of course at the very end of the station) but hey we managed 🙂

It was an amazing day, hearing great talks, talking to a lot of people, and basically having great fun 🙂 ( and of course we nearly missed the deadline for this blog post too – what a surprise). Can’t wait for tomorrow with a bunch of intresting sounding talks coming up 🙂






Graz goes Glasgow

And I’m part of it 🙂

I’m so excited to visit the conference and to meet teachers from all over the world and to learn about ELT and to hear various talks and to skim all the books and and and…  I have already been to Glasgow before, but I am looking forward to discover new places (and pubs) and to listen to the Scottish accent as well as to the bagpipers in the streets 🙂

I am sure we will have a great time in Glasgow! 🙂